Administrator's Message

My how the time flies when you're having fun. I took over as
Administrator May 1st with the understanding I would do the job for 6
months and try to straighten things out. We have come a long way
toward that goal!

There are several points I want to clear up. There is always the
question, was there stealing going on? The answer to that is NO!
What was happing is people trying to do their best without really
knowing what their job is and as a result they made mistakes. In some
cases people just made bad choices and due to a lack of oversight
the problems persisted. Lack of oversight starts with members, not
attending meetings and goes through all levels of management all the
way to International. This is true of Lodges, Chapters, Posts,
Squadrons and just about any Volunteer or fraternal organization. The
bottom line is, pay attention to what is happening or lose your Lodge!

I must give International credit for creating educational classes for
officers so they know A little more about their job. Remember, anyone
can attend the classes so if you want to know more about what it
takes to run our lodge or become an officer, take the classes. I would
like to encourage International to have more convent and more
frequent classes or consider some online classes as well.

I want to thank everyone for their support in our effort to clean things
up which includes the boards of officers and members that have spent
that extra amount of time and effort it took to get things done! An extra
special thanks goes to my wife Jocelyn and Patty Wynn. Without
these two spending marathon accounting sessions at 12 to 14 Hrs a
day for weeks on end, we would be closed! I also want to thank the
WOTM for their help and take this opportunity to repeat what I have
observed, when the LOOM & WOTM work together the results are
nothing short of fantastic.

n closing, the reason I am stepping down is due to health and
personal issues that I must attend to. We have two very qualified
people stepping in, Mike Quigley and Patty Wynn, that will continue
the process we started. We will be on the sidelines to assist them to
Bill Arens