Governor's Messagage
Greetings to all Mint Canyon Moose Lodge and Chapter

In the last 6 months, the Moose Lodge has gone through a lot of
changes.  We have got our finances back on track, developed a
new business model to streamline operations, applied for a loan
to make much needed repairs to the lodge and to secure the
financial security of the lodge in the future.  Without the help of
Bill Arens, Joceyln Arens, and Patti Wynn, none of this would
have been possible.  As some of you may have heard, Bill and
Joceyln are stepping down from being Administrator and Social
Quarters Mananger/Bookeeper because of personal reasons.  
They have done an excellent service for this Lodge, and I would
like to thank them for their many hours of hard work and
dedication that they have shown.  We would also like you to
welcome our new administrator and bookkeeper, Mike Quigley
and Patti Wynn.  They will be able to continue where Bill and
Joceyln left off , and continue with the progress we have already
made.  Please welcome them to their new positions and give
them any suggestions that you may have that will help make this
a better Lodge that every member can be proud to be a

We are also currently looking for lodge members that would like
to serve on the LOOM Board of Officers.  If you have a desire
to be part of the many changes that this lodge is going through,
please see me, or any other LOOM officer and we will work with
you to make it happen.  Please remember that we also hold our
LOOM General Meeting the last Wednesday of each month.  If
you would like to find out more information about your lodge, or
have ideas that you would like to present, this is the place to do
it.  All LOOM members in good standing are welcome and
encouraged to attend.

In closing, I would just like to thank all members that participate
and support our Lodge Events, and encourage more
participation from our membership with future Lodge Events.  
Many of our Events take long hours of planning and setup, so
please show your support of your lodge by helping out and
attending our events in the future.  These events are for you, and
more participation from each member will ensure that we can
continue to provide these events to you in the future, and
continue on with our great Moose fraternity in the future.  Please
remember why you joined in the first place, and that was to help
out with a greater cause by supporting our children of
Mooseheart, our Seniors of Moosehaven, and to provide a
service for our surrounding community.

Fraternally Yours,
Bill R. Martin Enterprises Governor 2-12-2013
Mint Canyon Moose Lodge # 2173